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            Lubricant & Metalworking Lab Services
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            Lubricant and metalworking lab services

            Helping you solve the difficult problems

            Finding the perfect chemical to make a product or solution can often be the most challenging process of product development. 

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            At Univar Solutions, our experts in metalworking fluids and lubricants understand the tolerances and requirements necessary to help you ensure your products are working at optimum levels. We aim to maximize your efforts with enhanced or custom formulations that elevate your product line and grow your business.

            Your ideas made real

            From customer concepts to fully formulated products, our labs are staffed with experienced metalworking fluid and lubricant formulators and applications specialists who can help you create innovative solutions for your products.

            Our capabilities include the following:

            • Chemical and formulation analysis
            • Custom formulation development
            • Prototype development and sampling
            • Product benchmark analyses and testing
            • Raw material sourcing to match benchmarks
            • Raw material performance evaluations
            • Custom workshops and seminars for suppliers, customers, and sales teams


            Extensive metalworking fluids and lubricants performance testing capabilities:

            • PTI/epsilon pin and vee block
            • Microtap tapping torque testing
            • EP four ball
            • Proprietary metalworking fluid foam test apparatus
            • Dynamic foam analysis
            • Rheology and viscosity testing
            • Surface tension analysis
            • Wetting properties
            • Cleaning efficiency
            • Stability testing (oven, freeze/thaw, UV)
            • Fish tank recirculation
            • Metal coupon stain testing
            • Corrosion testing (CICT, humidity cabinet, salt fog spray, stain)
            • Microscopic analysis
            • Bioresistance testing
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